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Wistman's Wood Spirals

Wistman’s Wood Spirals

I am based in Teignmouth, South Devon, and am primarily interested in landscape photography, More specifically I am fascinated by changes in the land over time, whether from natural events or because of human intervention.

Evidence worth documenting is everywhere: long walks in even the least hospitable parts of the moor can unveil remnants of past industries. Green lanes crisscross the whole of Devon, and they were all constructed for a reason. Their paths are soaked in hundreds of years of human history – but how many people even notice them?

Often a photograph demands to be taken, not to tell a story, but because the land,¬†light and mood are so striking or beautiful. I will never resist those opportunities! Landscapes of all kinds can reach deep into anyone’s need for space and solitude. But images only sustain prolonged interest where the viewer has to do a little of the work: to ask what or how, and most importantly, why. I hope I succeed on some level at provoking this interest, and communicating some emotional depth with the images and blog entries here.

Leat, Scorhill, before dawn

Leat, Scorhill, before dawn